Baseball betting is one of the top betting sports available in the USA. While some less familiar with baseball will see it as only a 6-month major league event, there are in fact several different leagues which any avid bettor could bet on. This makes it a great sport for any bettor keen on being able to make a wager when the time suits them best. As with any betting sports, there are some key factors to know. Below, we will go over the most important details you will need to know to bet on baseball.


For baseball bets, American odds will be frequently used. Before betting with American odds, make sure you can reasonably understand them or have a good way to translate them to a form of odds that you understand. Remember, it’s not only about odds but finding good value in the odds. Be sure to learn how to find value in your bets.

Types Of Bets

One of the most important factors in any betting is knowing the bet you are placing. Below we will cover the most frequently used types of bets in baseball. This is by no means all the bets available, but is a great reference point to start your baseball betting adventure.

  • Moneyline – Moneylines are the most frequently used bets in baseball betting. In moneyline, you place a wager on the team that you believe will win, easy as that. Odds will play a big roll in this betting but it does remain a great place to start and a great bet in which to find good value.
  • Runline – Runline bets are extremely popular as a secondary bet to your main bet, they can also serve as great main bets too. Runline bets are usually presented in an over/under style in which you predict an over/under of how many runs will be achieved in the game. These bets can be very team specific but if done well, can be very profitable.
  • Series – A wager placed on which team will win a series. Odds will be very important in this betting, be sure to look for the right value as the risk in these bets can be higher.
  • Parlay – Similar to moneyline bets, only pertaining to 2 or more games. This is a great bet to make if you feel very confident in the outcomes of the games available. With the high risk, comes a great potential payout.


Baseball having several leagues available can act as an advantage and disadvantage in some circumstances. It is always great to be able to bet on a game whenever you want. That said, it is a near impossible job for an average bettor to gather enough information to make well researched bets on all of the leagues simultaneously. Choose one or two leagues to start with and get to know them well. MLB is the most popular league available and a great choice for aspiring bettors