Hook’s Heroes Touch Slot in Review

Hooks Heroes Touch is a game with five reels, three rows and twenty pay lines, and is designed as a cartoon like game with pirates and some other strange creatures, all set in the Caribbean seas. This is one of Net Entertainment’s games, with some of their distinctive features, free spins games and Mermaid multipliers. This is a five reel, twenty pay lines game. Players might recognize the story as being something similar to Peter Pan and his Captain Hook, but the graphics are a little too creepy for that tale. Continue reading

Are Aristocrat Slots Games Worth Playing?

Of all the games that you can find online to play, online casino games offer the largest amount of choice, especially when it comes to online slots games. The amount of slots games, games styles, pay lines and bonus features that are available online is just staggering, so how does one choose which of these game developers produce the best casino games? It’s impossible to try them all, so why not let us choose for you. After all, we have had plenty of time and the resources to try most of the online slots games out there, it’s our job after all!

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Fish Party Online Slot in Detail

The Fish Party takes place in a club in an underwater castle, and there are a lot of festive fish that attend this party. The player will see a Gold Carp, a Violet Goby, Blue sturgeon fish, crabs, starfish and worms, in fact all sorts of aquatic life. There is even a gold treasure chest, and all the symbols are done in a cheerful, colourful cartoon manner.

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Online Casino Mathematics at a Glance for Players

Playing casino games is a lot of fun, whether it is in the intoxicating environment brick and mortar versions provide, or the convenience that virtual casino do. The expectation of the jackpot win, and the excitement of landing the royal flush or 21 is what makes gambling as popular as it is. Online casino mathematics, however, are at the heart of the majority of games. While many are based almost totally on chance and luck, some, like blackjack, do involve a certain amount of skill, but an understanding of online casino mathematics will help you decide on the best bets and strategy for the big win.

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