Of all the games that you can find online to play, online casino games offer the largest amount of choice, especially when it comes to online slots games. The amount of slots games, games styles, pay lines and bonus features that are available online is just staggering, so how does one choose which of these game developers produce the best casino games? It’s impossible to try them all, so why not let us choose for you. After all, we have had plenty of time and the resources to try most of the online slots games out there, it’s our job after all!

In our search for the number one slots game developer, we came across Aristocrat Slots Games and were massively impressed. There are a lot of gaming houses that claim their games are the ones to play, but to us it seemed like they were mostly just the same as the next. So how does one company set itself apart from the others?

Sixty Years of Aristocrat Games

Well the answer to that is simple. We looked for a gaming house that had not only been in the business for a long time, but has over the years maintained their dedication to providing ever better and more innovative games, while maintaining their quality of service throughout. For us, that was the Aristocrat Slots Games.

Aristocrat is an Australian based company that has been producing slots games for more than 60 years. They didn’t start as an online company, they were producing slots games long before the computer became a household appliance and were so popular in their region that they have since become a global gaming establishment. Since then, Aristocrat slots games have become available around the world, from Europe to Asia and from North America to Africa.

I might not say that their company is a household name, but Aristocrat slots games can be found in a large collection of top class quality online casinos. These online casino choose Aristocrat slots games as their main developer because of their dedication to quality gaming excellence and their constant slew of new games and game updates.

Quality Slots Games

In 2015, Aristocrat won the “2015 Reader’s Choice Best Slot Awards” and 11 more awards along the way. And for good reason too! They are one of the best known names in both the online casino gambling industry and the land based casino industries. Hundreds of pubs, clubs and casinos have their slots machines in their establishments and even more brag that they host Aristocrat slots games.

Fantastic slots games can be enjoyed online in the same way they were enjoyed before the advent of online casinos, with big leagues slots games like Queen of the Nile, Electric Boogaloo, Sparkling Royal and 5 Dragons. Unlike their land based cousins however, these Aristocrat slots games now come with enhanced graphics, superior bonus features and a plethora of ways to win, pay lines and mini games. These features have made Aristocrat the world class name in slots gaming that it is today and the reason we promote them with such enthusiasm. So next time you are looking for excellent slots games to play online, remember the name – Aristocrat.