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All About Australia’s Jupiters Casino

Located on Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland, Jupiters Casino is a prime destination for anyone looking for a good time. Jupiters Casino is on Broadbeach Island, overlooking the Nerang River and it features superb views, gorgeous gardens, every type of cuisine you can imagine, from fine dining to a pop up burger bar and enough games to keep you captivated for hours. The casino and hotel complex is linked by monorail to the Oasis Shopping Centre; ensuring visitors have easy access to everything they need, at all times.

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How To Bet On Rugby and Win Big

Rugby is an exciting sport to watch – both due to its aggressive physicality and the fast-paced nature of the game. It’s also an exceedingly exciting sport to bet on. Many rugby fans are secretly seasoned veterans of the Sports Betting community. They aren’t the ones screaming at the television in the bar however, rather those who quietly record and analyse each game, endlessly adding to their vast knowledge of the sport, its history and its players.

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