Horse racing is the original betting sport. With millions of avid fans and bettors alike betting on horse racing on a weekly basis, there is definitely something to be had in horse racing bets for bettors of any skill level. Below, we will cover some of the bets that beginners should be making in horse racing.

Types Of Bets

There is a wide variety of betting opportunities available in horse racing. Some of them more complex than others, below we will focus on the bets best suited to beginners at horse racing betting.

  • Single – The most frequently used bet in horse racing. A single bet is placing a wager predicting a horse to win a particular event. With proper research, this is likely the best bet to make in horse racing for beginner or professional.
  • Double – A double is a wager placed on the outcome of two different events. Note that both event outcomes need to be correct for your bet to be won. This does bring additional risk, but also has a great reward if predicted successfully.
  • Treble – A treble is a wager placed on the outcome of three different events. Even more risk than the double, with an even bigger potential payoff. For a bettor to make use of trebles, research and great knowledge will be vital.
  • Accumulator – A accumulator is a wager placed on the outcome of four or more different events. The risk is extremely high and this style of betting is not normally recommended for new bettors. That said, if you win an accumulator bet, the payday is likely one you will not forget any time soon.
  • Forecast – A forecast is a wager placed upon correctly predicting the horses that will place in the first two positions and in the correct order.
  • Reverse forecast – A reverse forecast is correctly predicting the horses who place in first and second, but in no particular order. This is a fantastic bet to make when a race includes two extremely strong competitors who you can’t decide between as the winner.
  • Placepot – A placepot is somewhat similar to an accumulator in that it involves 6 separate races. Where a placepot differs is that your chosen horses do not need to win their races, they only need to place in the top three of each race for the bet to be successful.
  • Jackpot – Possibly the hardest bet to win in is the jackpot. The jackpot involves correctly predicting the first six winners at a specific racecourse in a single day. A massive feat for any bettor but if done successfully, the pay will be fantastic.


As horse racing is popular around the world, you are likely to run into more than one format of odds. Be sure to have a good odds guide to understand the odds on offer and know when you can get the best value in your bets. Remember, a winning bet can mean very little without good value behind the bet.