Ausvegas Blackjack online is the future of the game you’ve known and loved since you were a child. It uses the wonders of modern technology to beam a complete casino directly to your home. You simply need a computer, an internet connection, and an account with any one of a number of leading blackjack online casinos now on the Web.

These new virtual casinos offer all the excitement of their concrete forefathers but add their own, unique modern touches. Just some of the features you can expect are a larger variety of games than you’ve ever seen safe and easy deposit and withdrawal options, magnificent visual interfaces with audio to match, welcome bonuses and, naturally, a whole lot more prize money than you’ll find in your friendly pot.

Basics of Blackjack Online

The essentials of blackjack online are exactly the same as the version you play with your friends. The basic premise is simple. You need to get closer to a score of 21 than the dealer. But if you get more than 21, you lose.

After bets have been placed, each player is dealt two cards, face up. Then the game begins. You will have two chances to either take a card (in the hopes that it will bring you closer to 21 but not past it) from the deck or pass. Each card, from the Ace through to the King, has a particular value and certain card combinations are more valuable than others.

You can choose to play with either one or several decks, with each deck making the game more challenging. You can also select the house edge that best suits your level of experience. The house edge is the natural advantage the house has over you.

These are just the basics and, if this is all you know, then it’s best to do some more research and start with blackjack online games with a fairly low house average.

Practice Makes Perfect

Because blackjack has certain rules and is relatively predictable (compared to other casino games), it is really a game of strategy. This means that you can improve your chances of winning by practising and improving your game. Many seasoned players consider themselves to be masters of blackjack and have turned a pastime into a rather lucrative sport. The same goes for blackjack online.

Moreover, most blackjack online casinos allow you to practise as much as you like, for free, before you pay a deposit and start playing for real money. The best online casino will actually reward you for playing blackjack at by paying you a handsome welcome bonus when sign up for a free account.

What started in the 1600s as a simple game has branched out into a worldwide favourite with many variations. And, with the advent of blackjack online, things have gotten even more interesting with top casinos actually streaming live dealer blackjack directly to your computer via the Internet.

And finally, there’s no need to worry about your banking details or money because top blackjack online casinos use state-of-the-art password encryption software and third-party transaction services like Neteller and PayPal.

What’s to lose? Start practising your blackjack online now and you’ll be winning in no time!